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Hi I'm Natalie. Thank you so much for stopping by! I created In Kind & Co. as a space for living and moving mindfully and kindly. Here you'll find online yoga classes, as well as ideas and articles on things that can spark a bit of joy, awareness or action in our lives.


How did I get here?

The practice of yoga met me in my twenties. I was tired, anxious and feeling overly stimulated. As an introvert, I wasn't comfortable with who I was, and even felt ashamed that I couldn't take in all of the energy and stimuli around me. I felt disconnected from my body, mind and emotions.


My first yoga class brought a sense of relief and calm that's hard to describe! Over the years it has helped me to find inner and outer strength, calm, and the confidence to be myself. And through regular practice, I've come to find that yoga is about much more than the physical poses that you see on social media. Beyond the great benefits of the  physical practice on the body, the rich layers of yoga encourage us to not only find and celebrate our true selves, but to unite with our communities through how we live and serve in the world. 

I truly believe yoga is for anyone who wishes to practice. It offers us tools and knowledge to help navigate daily life, improve our well-being in a sustainable, kind way, and connect with ourselves and our communities.

Training & Learning
I am a registered yoga teacher. My qualifications include:

I enjoy hatha flow and grounding vinyasa flow, as well as restorative yoga. I love sharing how yoga can support expecting mothers as well as new mothers to build space and strength as they enter a new season of life. Importantly, I will be a lifelong student, for the practice of yoga is one that unfolds and teaches us throughout our lives.


You are welcome to practice with us!

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